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Not too much to say today, went climbing with Sushie had a great day yesterday.

Another image from Saltburn, taken with the Hoya R72. Work on the image included curves and clearing sensor grot and some sharpening.



Not too much to say today, went climbing with Sushie had a great day yesterday.

Another image from Saltburn, taken with the Hoya R72. Work on the image included curves and clearing sensor grot and some sharpening.


comments (33)

  • nev
  • Australia
  • 28 Sep 2006, 01:02
Mal there is a blip on the horizon on the left is that a tanker. aw shucks mal nothing constructive to say about the photo except that it is magic.
Mal: Very well spotted Nev, I had not even noticed this abomination when processing. Good spot eagle eyes. Mal
WOW! This is really awesome man! Teach me teach me!
Mal: Hey Jide, what can I say? All you need is a monster ND, I'll send you my R72 for you to try out if you like or I'll give it to you in person when I come to the City in a few weeks! Then you can weave your magic on this technique. All the best Mal
  • polarbear
  • Canada
  • 28 Sep 2006, 01:53
This is amazing - love the b&w!
Mal: Thank you very much Polarbear, where have you sprung from? Do you have a site? All the best Mal
I love the strong side lighting effect. GREAT TONES... very well done. The image doesn't look flat. You took it from black to white in a very nice balance.

The lighting on the rocks gives it a moon landing feel... although I doubt there are any piers on the moon. Anyhow...

I really like how you created a dual-type image here. On one side, your main subject is obvious and there are nice supporting structures for it... the sky, water, and rocks all don't steal from the power of the pier... yet when you explore the image, each of those pieces have so much life to them and are very different in their own way.
Really rugid rocks, a sky full of life and character... and some water that is soft, bright, and yet moody.

The composition is great too. I like how it's off centered and draws your eyes into the image where you then discover all the other details of the image... and I can't help but continue to look around.

Veyr nice job. I really like it.
Mal: Hey Rich, as your apprentice, those comments are special. Mal
  • atunbi
  • United Kingdom
  • 28 Sep 2006, 02:27
Holy shit! Mal rocks. Simple.
Mal: Hey Atunbi, between you and Nev you leave the funniest comments! All the best Mal
  • dotun
  • United States
  • 28 Sep 2006, 03:08
I am speeechless for this one...well maybe not totally speechless...nice work.
Mal: Don't be speechless, talk to me, hee hee. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Mal
  • alex
  • United States
  • 28 Sep 2006, 04:28
the textures and detail in this shot are phenomenal! well done mal! i really wish my camera could do 102 second gosh, the fun things i would try with that. i'm jealous. well done, again!
Mal: Hey Alex, thank you very much. Mal
Wow. That is quite special. smile
Mal: From you, that's a very welcome comment. Mal
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 28 Sep 2006, 07:38
Absolutely lovely. What PPing did you do?
Mal: Hi Etomi, sharpening plus an additional layer in overlay mode and blended. Thank you Mal
  • Tadpole
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 28 Sep 2006, 07:46
WOW - even better than the last one. Full marks
Mal: Hi Paul, hope you got my e-mail re: Von tromp? Mal
  • Steve
  • United Kingdom
  • 28 Sep 2006, 07:56
It's a winner Mal.
Mal: Thank you Steve, don't think i've ever won anything smile Mal
  • BeakerSt
  • Shutterchance
  • 28 Sep 2006, 08:02
Perfect, this one hits the mark where your previous one lacked something.

Excellent composition with attention to the contributing details and the bright part of the pier is on the 3rd. Very good balance tonally with control of light. And the sky, sea and shore all occupy roughly a third of the frame each.

This is one to keep referring back to.
Mal: That means a lot from you Mr Simon, you were spot on with previous comments. All the best Mal
beautiful Mal, I prefer this framing though !!!! very nice work of yours
Mal: Hey Fred, (may I call you Fred?). You were the first to spot the faults in the last post, as previously stated please always be honest - I will respect you more for it! All the best Mal
Oh mal, this is wonderful..
Mal: I need to think of a nick name for you!?!? For now it's going to be Mr Squar'. Thank you, that means a lot to me. Mal
  • fabio
  • Italy
  • 28 Sep 2006, 10:03
This series of photo me piacciono tantissimo. Question: in which occasion it uses black and white?
Mal: Hey Fabio, I wish I could speak Italiano! I'm not sure what the meaning of your question is but, I think you are asking me why I have chosen b/w?

I have chosen b/w because i'm using an infra red filter which blocks out some colour light waves.

All the best my friend (e-mail me if I have not understood your question correctly).

  • Ellen
  • New Zealand
  • 28 Sep 2006, 10:29
This is F***ing magic!! except I read Nev's comment and now I can't stop seeing the tanker.
Mal: Well, I never thought that a Kiwi would listen to a deranged Aussie!! Thank you for you F***ing great comment. All the best Mal
  • Chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 28 Sep 2006, 12:45
Awesome result!! Love it. Amazing.
Mal: Thankyou Chantal, much appreciated. Mal
  • Suby
  • UK, Milton Keynes
  • 28 Sep 2006, 12:51
Hhey this looks like something form a movie of the future, In fact something from Star Trek smile Awesome shot, Loving it.


The Susbster super impressed.
Mal: Hey Subster, I called it the outpost because of a comment made by Russell on a previous post and it does look a little Star trek. Thank you Suby. Mal
  • Mr Skee
  • United Kingdom
  • 28 Sep 2006, 14:46
Mal: All I need from you my friend. Mal
  • russo
  • Portugal
  • 28 Sep 2006, 14:53

absolutely fantastic!
Mal: Hey Russo, thank you. Mal
  • sk
  • United Kingdom
  • 28 Sep 2006, 15:35
rweally rweally rweally (I could go on) awesome shot, the best shot I've seen today
Mal: Hey Asiko, no please go on!! Hee hee. MAL
  • Cassiopea
  • Boston
  • 28 Sep 2006, 16:52
Asiko agreed, really cool pict. Somewhere in another dimension?
Mal: Thank you Cas'. All the best Mal
  • Salar
  • United Kingdom
  • 28 Sep 2006, 17:22
Mal, this is absolutely phenomenal. Great capture and presentation. Well done.
Mal: Comming from you, that means a lot. Mal
  • sinem
  • UK, Milton Keynes
  • 28 Sep 2006, 17:32
A gloomy, desolate landscape is just my cup of tea - ehem - coffee! Great shot, Mal!
Mal: Thank you Sinem, I like coffee to. Mal
  • Hamilton
  • United States
  • 28 Sep 2006, 20:24
Great shot! The water looks alive and creepy... I wonder what lurks beneath...
Mal: Snake skin boots I reckon! All the best Mal
Totally digging it, brilliant shot.
Mal: Cheers Ayash, thank you. Mal
  • Suzanne
  • Canada
  • 28 Sep 2006, 22:06
gorgeous photo! almost surreal. Very well done.
Mal: Hey Suzanne, thank you, I appreciate it. Mal
WOW! All that for me....that's not a good idea. What would you use then? Maybe I should get one of my own instead. Would hate to deprive you of it.
Mal: Hey Jide, you have imagination beyond belief in your mind, I would willingly lend both the lense and filter to you for a couple of months for you to try out, I'd love to see the Jide factor in some of this stuff. Mal
  • Diya
  • Switzerland
  • 30 Sep 2006, 12:06
wow, it is a magic shot, i like how the horizon is so clear and straingt and it divides the lower and the upper in a very nice way


  • Ellie
  • United Kingdom
  • 1 Oct 2006, 14:57
A magical image
  • Turfdigger
  • Southeastern Massachusetts (US)
  • 1 Oct 2006, 22:33
Another fine b/w shot - so desolate and mysterious...
  • manju
  • Singapore
  • 6 Oct 2006, 14:26
Too good !
Great shot.

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