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photoblog image Ikumi


Ikumi is married to Nobu from yesterdays photo and very dear friend of mine
Thank you Ikumi for all your kindness, I look forward to seeing you soon.
All the best


Ikumi is married to Nobu from yesterdays photo and very dear friend of mine
Thank you Ikumi for all your kindness, I look forward to seeing you soon.
All the best

comments (33)

  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 23 Mar 2007, 00:39
Awww. I'm sure she greatly appreciates your gratitude, Mal. I really like how Nobu and Ikumi are facing each other from the two pics. smile
Mal: shutter is playing tricks on me, so I appologise, if you get this message twice! It was my intention to try to couple the images together to look that way. mal
  • Abi
  • 23 Mar 2007, 01:27
nothing to say about this image ...simply a nice portrait.
Mal: thank you Abi! it is mearly a nice photo. mal
  • Urv
  • California
  • 23 Mar 2007, 03:32
I much prefer this shot to yesterdays because the background isn't distracting.
Mal: cheers Urv. mal
  • Robs
  • 23 Mar 2007, 04:00
I noticed the same as Ginnie, it seems they are looking at each other, even if from two different pictures! This portrait has a very good light, and the black background is great for it. Nice one Mal!
Mal: you are right Rob, it was my intention to make the two images refer to each other. mal
Fess up Malster, you have pulled a con job!! Looking at the image size in the exif, you have chopped the photo in half and made 2 images. Both work brilliantly as seperate pictures and I am sur the whole image is just as stunning as them. Good one mate, Kind regards, Neil.
Mal: they were taken 33 mins apart, but I get your point. mal
I really like this B&W Mal. I'm sure they would love the pics too.
Mal: I'm not sure Eni? they have not responded to me? mal
  • urban8
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • 23 Mar 2007, 06:15
Lovely shot, Mal - I like the large amount of blank space on the right, it really works.
I'm rubbish at portraits - don't have the confidence to manage the subject matter - I prefer static shots as I don't have to tell a building or landscape to relax / smile / say "cheese" / and so on....
Mal: Hey, you are talking to the worst portrait snapper on the planet!! I need to be at least 50 yards from the subject to have a go! mal
  • BeakerSt
  • Shutterchance
  • 23 Mar 2007, 07:45
I like the use of negative space to focus the eye.
Mal: thank you Simon is that a "first" that you like my photo? I shall enter it then!!! lol teehee. mal
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 23 Mar 2007, 08:06
Split into two on purpose. No I don't think so - background and exif too different. Lovely portrait all the same, she may have been looking at Nobu at the time??
Mal: she was ordering from the waitress at the time of capture! thank you Louis, you are very observant. mal
Your work is always a pleasure to view , this is so simple and a lovely portrait.
Mal: you flatter me but I like your way with words. mal
beautiful portrait again my friend !!! lots of emotions !!!
Mal: thanx my friend. mal
Superb! In both, their personalities overflow! Love this composition.
Mal: thank you very much, did you get my e-mail with attachments? mal
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • 23 Mar 2007, 11:11
Have to agree with Abi on this image, it simply comes accross as nice smile

Now thats not a bad thing cause we can't take awesome awesomely artistic images each and every time. smile
Mal: I agree Subster! It is not a techically great photo! It is cute but not perfect at all but it reminds me of a moment and that is what is special for me while out with friends, you are spot on with your comments! And I appreciate them. mal
I like much this picture, remembers to which I published recently of Xandra.
Mal: it is very similar Jose!! All the best. mal
  • Nev
  • Australia
  • 23 Mar 2007, 14:16
I don't know what browser Neil T is using but the EXIF on both shots are different. This shot is lovely. I really like the softness/gentleness that the photo exudes.
Mal: you are a ver observant man Neal! Thank you my friend. mal
  • Claude
  • France
  • 23 Mar 2007, 16:58
Very nice and original portrait, Mal! Well done.
Mal: thank you Claude. All the best. mal
best profile yet...
Mal: thank you kind Master, when your comments are short, I know the image is ok!! Teehee me
wow! one of the most beautiful portrait... and one of the most beautiful model!
Mal: just had a chance to check your work out and I like very much. mal
lovely! I like it Mal!
Mal: Hey Crazy man! lol - thank you. mal
Fine shot again Mal
Mal: thank you Chris. mal
  • Raymond
  • antispam hates with a passion ;p
  • 23 Mar 2007, 22:40
Mal, if the word "nostalgia" had a picture - this is what that word would look like (hope that didn't come across badly)! I love how the the picture is camouflaged into the whole web-page here. At first glance, you don't notice a border so Ikumi san (I know a little Japanese, impressed?) looks like she is part of the shutterchance (black background) lay out. Beautiful shot Mal.

p.s. I originally took Japanese, so I could chat up the chicks! Example, O Den Wa Bango Namban Desu Ka? Only worked three times. :p
Mal: teehee, I need to learn some japanese! all the best mal
I immediately liked this and then decided it was a bit soft. Then I looked harder and saw that it is focussed, but on the nearest eye that's covered with her hair.

So perhaps this one would have been better focussed on the farther, more visible eye.
And why do I always have to enter the anti-spam codes several times! It's very annoying!

(Sorry mal, not your fault, I know. Just happened to be here when it got the better of me. I need my bed!)
Mal: cheers Colin. mal
Very simple and very nice! I like how her face stands out.
Mal: thank you Martin. mal
  • sk
  • 24 Mar 2007, 00:33
another nice portrait of a lovely looking lady
Mal: good subject material = ok shot! Cheers Ade, mal
youve really captured the youthful innocence in this lady. i like it alot smile
Mal: thank you Genevieve, all the best. mal
  • Raymond
  • a crazy student party on the roof
  • 24 Mar 2007, 09:06
A real nice episode playing out between this shot and the previous one.

Do you know how the term "cutting room floor" came about?
It comes from the film industry, editors used to cut up the film's tape, rearrange shots, and stick it together with selotape.

This shot and the previous one reminded me of that term, because the two people share the same space but the one shot is cut in two.
Very cool, Mal.

By the way, I have a present for you back at my place, check out the posting on March 24th. Hope you like it, dude. And, yes, I like promoting my site. tongue

All the best mate, have a good weekend!

Cool Bananas,
Raymond grin
Mal: hee hee, hey crazy man, lovely to hear from you. mal
Very very nice portrait Mal... The light is so nice !
Mal: thank you Roland. mal
Top notch. Love how are hair recedes into the background.
Mal: thank you. mal
  • Ellie
  • 25 Mar 2007, 00:56
YOu do wonderful things with portraits, and this is no exception
Mal: Cheers El, lovely comment, I try to manipulate light but I do not always get it right! mal
  • Thomas
  • Sweden
  • 25 Mar 2007, 19:35
Both, this one and the shot of her husband a really beautiful portraits. Very personal. I like the off-centric position of the faces and the stark contrasts in both shots. Goood job! smile
Mal: thank you Thomas. mal
Very nice portrait, the expression is nice and the composition is simple and efficient smile
  • Sidney
  • Philippines
  • 25 Apr 2007, 03:18
Wonderful portrait!

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