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photoblog image Rannoch moor

Rannoch moor

Lost on the moor.

All the best. mal

Rannoch moor

Lost on the moor.

All the best. mal

comments (43)

  • mal
  • at home
  • 25 Aug 2007, 00:06
test comment! lol

The shutter gods are testing the new template on this blog! feel free to comment both on the image and the site lay out.

all the best. mal
the image is outstanding--one of your best, mal.

However, I have a serious problem reading the beginning of each text line on the left. Please, please add in some blank space on the far left margin to make this more readable and more professional looking. Also please bear in mind that I am 52 years old and have trouble reading the gray above the "must fill in".
Mal: thank you Larry, very much appreciated.

Regarding the layout, I'm sure the shutter guys will take on board all the comments made. All the best. mal
I really like the layout. It is an improvement. As to the photograph.

Ohmigod. Stunning. I am stunned. Beautiful.
Mal: I like the layout to Michael. Cheers for the great feed back to. mal
  • John
  • Drying London
  • 25 Aug 2007, 01:11

This image is amazing and the new template really compliments it well. Couldn't think of a better image to use to showcase this (in fact, I've screen captured it now, just for personal use). Cheers.

Mal: I'm liking this layout John - a few people are commenting on a few issues, But I'm sure that these can be overcome. Great job shutter Gods. mal
  • sara
  • earth
  • 25 Aug 2007, 01:11
quite a stunner mal. the reflection is epic too. ~S.

the template is ok. not sure.
Mal: thank you Sara, Rannoch moor in mid winter, i thought it very appropriate for the middle of summer! lol
  • genevieve
  • vancouver island
  • 25 Aug 2007, 02:09
stunning shot mal. nice template layout too, liking this template better then the original but pixel post is still better lol =P

Mal: thank you Genevieve, it's an old photo but I thought it might suit this layout. Your still a cheeky monkey! lol
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 25 Aug 2007, 02:20
Breathtakingly beautiful image mal.

Layout is fine. I did have some difficulty, first time, in discovering how to make a comment...but ok now.

I have a couple of [IMHO] nice panoramas awaiting this template....roll it out.
Mal: I like the layout to Ray. Some have a few issues but i'm sure it will get sorted, this layout really does suit pano style images. all the best. mal
Ghostly shot. How can it looks so inviting with all that frost on the trees? Nice work!
Mal: i froze to death that morning Martin! lol. mal
  • Petra
  • 25 Aug 2007, 06:17
What a beauty Mal! and this template gives it all the credit it deserves...looks amazing like this! The comment part is a bit "busy" to my eyes though..
Mal: busy! unlike you then Petra! lol

thank you for the lovely comment. mal
  • sk
  • 25 Aug 2007, 07:45
I absolutley love the layout, shots ok too LOL, just i really love the mystery behind this landscape
Mal: lol - cheers Ade, I rather like this layout. mal
  • Frank
  • Germany
  • 25 Aug 2007, 09:01
What a interesting and wonderful image. Very, very nice.

(... and your new template are very nice too)
Mal: thank you Frank. all the best. mal
A great photo indeed!
Mal: thank you Wim, hope you got that photo!. mal
I think the UI is not very intuitive in that it took me a while to realise that the title is clickable and then discover - to my surprise - that I can enter comments afterwards...

I love the photo here. I totally LOVE it!!
Mal: Cheers for the lovely comment. I think that the shutter gods will take on board all the comments made. all the best. mal
  • Psychodudu
  • a 10 day trip to France
  • 25 Aug 2007, 10:19
I love the new template. Much more professional looking. As for the photo...bloody hell, it's giving me the shivers just looking at it. I want summer and sun, and sand, and sea, and cocconut oil searing my skin in 40 degrees of heat... ahem. Sorry. Lovely tones, wonderful setting.
Mal: lol Andrew, I was digging around for a pano style image to test the layout, winter ones were the only shots I could find!
  • Psychodudu
  • a 10 day trip to France
  • 25 Aug 2007, 10:21
I have to say though, it's not as easy to navigat around. It's not "sticky" enough, people have to guess to much as to where they click to do things.
Mal: yes, sticky web sites are great! wink
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 25 Aug 2007, 10:23
1) The Photo: Absolutely stunning and ethereal (as almost always!).

2) The template: It did take a couple seconds to figure it out but once done, it made sense.

I tend to agree with Larry (he's 52 and I'm 62) about the gray color being almost too faint to see. I think it could stand out a bit more (even if I were 22!).

If this is a panoramic view, my question is what happens to a normal landscape view? Will it still use this template? If so, I've love to see what that looks like, since that's more typical. And will portrait views use the old template still or revert to this one?

I'm delighted to see that the SC gods are working on this and are willing to tweak it as you receive comments. And thanks to you, Mal, for being the chief instigator of this change!!!
Mal: the images can be uploaded at 1000px wide now Ginnie, it is my understanding that you can upload any image with whatever ratio's you like, just like before.

thankyou for the great comment, talk soon
That's really a fantastic picture Malcom and one of the most beautiful, amazing landscape I've seen. Looks at all is frozen. The panoramic template well suits this one !! I'm longing for it !!! smile It could be really good to have several templates for our pictures !!! Me, insisting !! Have a great week-end Malcolm.
Mal: I believe that you can upload any picture ratio that you like Flo, up to 1000px wide, there is a thread in the forum.

thank you for the lovely comment, have a great weekend to. mal
  • nev
  • Oz
  • 25 Aug 2007, 15:21
I love the reflection. It almost seems wrong that there is no rock in the top right hand sky. Beautiful work. On the template side i am not sure why browse is not archive. "Bring It On" as they say on the Iron Chef.
Mal: a few wrinklies to iron out I think but I like it so far Neal. cheers. mal
Very very nice Mal
I'm not sure about the template though !
Mal: cheers Zeb, there is a thread running in the forum, have your say there, I'm sure that the shutter gods want as much feedback as they can get. all the best. mal
  • olivier
  • France
  • 25 Aug 2007, 18:09
It's really beautyful Mal ! I love this capture ! wink
Mal: thank you Olivier. all the best. mal
  • Otto K.
  • Atlanta, US
  • 25 Aug 2007, 21:17
Beautiful, haunting image, Mal.
Mal: cheers Otto. mal
Well my grey matter must be the worst. It's taken me 24 hrs to work out how to comment. Love this template and the photo
Mal: Lol @ 24hrs! that bit was a little confusing. cheers for the great feedback. mal
  • liam
  • south africa
  • 26 Aug 2007, 09:54
it is unbelievable...true art...standing ovation for 5 minutes! eerie and amazing all at the same time. Worth printing large and putting it on your wall!
Mal: you are far too kind Liam! But I enjoyed hearing it anyway! lol. All the best. mal
  • BobC
  • 26 Aug 2007, 10:55
Stunning pic! You can really feel the cold air in this one.
Mal: funny that you mention that Bob! But I lost the use of my fingers that day, it was bloody cold! lol. mal
Interesting, took me about a day to figure out where everything was, Interesting and good improvement though

Love the image
Mal: lol - I think that the shutter gods are carrying out ongoing improvements. all the best mal
Eiii, Mal! This is the first pic that I see with the new template. IT IS I MAGNIFY. It has the unmistakable mark of MAL. I must investigate as to obtain the new group. One is brilliant! grin
Mal: I was going to enter this one for Simon's challenge "Summer" lol, that would have annoyed him!;D MAL
  • Harry Millar
  • the inner depths of Londonium
  • 26 Aug 2007, 16:34
Awesome shot, as always, Mal! I'm sure I was hearing the chatter of you teeth while you were taking this!

On the layout, I'm definitely liking it. A small thing: if I click my account and then go to buddies and try to scoll through my buddies using the green arrow, it kinda get's stuck. Also, I'd prefer a white background on the buddies menu, as it'd be difficult to read the names if the photo in the background happened to be dark. Cheers, H
Mal: thank you Harry. I agree with your template comments also, there is a thread in the forum. mal
  • VZ
  • hot, hot, hot Atlanta. GA
  • 26 Aug 2007, 16:42
The shot:
Nicely done and processed, mal. The landscape has this out-of-this-world feeling that appears in Kurosawa's movies from time to time. The only thing that itches me here to correct is I'd rotate the image slightly to make a shore/base of trees line horozontal. With a slight tilt like you have now, the image feels a bit out of balance.

The new layout:
Works great with some small exceptions. The combination of title/comments is quite unfortunate and not intuitive at all. I'd move the title to the very left of the image and make it in orange, because that's the second most important thing on the page after the image itself. To the right I'd leave only send ecard/comments(24). Otherwise, all works fine. I wonder , though, if we'll have a choice of a grey background in the new template. Do you know?
Mal: Damn you! spotting that it was tilted! Pants! lol

you are correct Viktor, it is off! I had not noticed till you pointed it out! I'm going to have to up my game now that you are here! lol

Get your template comments posted in the forum thread also!. all the best. mal
  • Harry Millar
  • the inner depths of Londonium
  • 26 Aug 2007, 16:44
One other thing - it'd be nice to see your comment/photo description without having to click on comments. Cheers, H
Mal: forum and shout loudly Harry! lol
I like the new layout, and the shot is stunning
Mal: thank you Dee, I like the layout to. mal
  • claude
  • france
  • 26 Aug 2007, 20:42
What a beautiful picture, Mal and the template is very nice too!
Mal: cheers Claude. mal
Stunning!! really a vey nice wiev!
Mal: thank you so much Martine. all the best. mal
Absolutely stunning image and well suited to this layout.

Regarding the template - I don't know if I'm particularly thick but I visited it yesterday and couldn't work out how to leave a comment! Obviously I have now sussed it out, but it might deter some people who are not familiar with the site. On the plus side, you do seem to get more photo for your money. I would also like to see what a normal size portrait or landscape would look like. Also think the grey is a mistake and the comment box moving up and down like a yo-yo is distracting!
Mal: you are not thick Annie, a few have commented on these issues! There is a thread running in the forum about such stuff so have your say. mal
The image is amazing.

The template is an interesting variation on the original. My main complaint is the text is a shade light, both the grey of the comment and orange of the reply. You have to remember not all viewers are in their first flush of youth.
Mal: totally agree with your template comments Digi, there is a thread in the forum, get your idea's posted there, or I will. mal
  • emiliohm
  • Gran Canaria - Spain
  • 27 Aug 2007, 13:17
Great fantasy landscape. I love it. Kind regards
Mal: thank you Emilio. all the best. mal
  • PhotoSam
  • United Kingdom
  • 27 Aug 2007, 19:32
template only helps...presuming this is scotland, i think i went here last summer...beautiful as ever...
Mal: Hooorrraaahhh! You're back! This place has been far too quiet without you! Yes, it is Scotland, the long baron patch of moorland just before you get into Glencoe, you will have passed this very site on your way to Sky. I'm pleased with the new template, how about you? malwalker
very lovely mal and does go very well with the layout.
on the template: like the increased space for landscape shots. not a fan of everything else sad
mal, the last two pics are excellent in so very different ways, which must show what a quality capturer you arewink
  • Kay
  • 28 Aug 2007, 05:27
One word: magical. This has to be my favorite pictures of all, Mal. We SC'ers all bow to you.
Simply superb. All the best, Dave.
  • Thomas
  • Europe
  • 29 Aug 2007, 08:37
Wow... That's an impressive interpretation of the classical Scottish landscape theme. The picture is so special (in a very, very positive sense), that it took me a while to explore it visually. Just great!
  • om
  • 9 Sep 2007, 22:32
Weird and beautiful.
simple stunning, but im not sure if i dare say it, something seems out of level, oh well iv said it, or is it intensional......tim

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