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photoblog image Rooted op de Berg

Rooted op de Berg

Something a little different! lol

All the best mal

P.S. If anyone is interested, taken with pentax ME super film camera - TMAX 400 - scanned and toned in PS.

Rooted op de Berg

Something a little different! lol

All the best mal

P.S. If anyone is interested, taken with pentax ME super film camera - TMAX 400 - scanned and toned in PS.

comments (75)

  • deji77
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Oct 2007, 00:16
lovely mal smile
Best landscape of the day. Beautiful.
Really lovely--great composition. Good old TMax 400--it never let me down. smile
  • VZ
  • Atlanta, USA
  • 8 Oct 2007, 01:36
You damn right it's different: a dead center composition, white balance play (I guess), no vaseline...a dreamy mood as a result. What happenned to the top?
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 8 Oct 2007, 01:48
Crop stubble has the appearance of [very] broadloom carpet.

Clouds as dense as the smoke over an Australian bushfire.

The tree!!! The character that John Wayne tried to play in every movie...
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 8 Oct 2007, 01:52
A LITTLE different, Mal? Are you kidding me! MAN!
  • Otto K.
  • Atlanta, United States
  • 8 Oct 2007, 01:54
Really lovely, Mal. Nice stark composition.
  • Andrew Thatcher
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Oct 2007, 02:17
Very striking Mal.
  • BeakerSt
  • Shutterchance
  • 8 Oct 2007, 07:54
Beautiful, it needed the billowing cloud at the top. Well spotted and well presented...and in focus!
Wow! Stark, stunning - just wonderful. (:o) I picked a good day to catch up on Shutterchance.
  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 8 Oct 2007, 08:45
Beautiful Mal and very different.
  • david
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Oct 2007, 09:04
wow. simple. beautiful.
  • slak
  • France
  • 8 Oct 2007, 11:01
Really amazing landscape shot. The constrast between the dark sky and the white field is very stunning.
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 8 Oct 2007, 11:11
Very interested - Ingrid is using mine still - it's a great little camera.

Photo is superb too, and no bones with the toning, it looks great. Mind you I am a bit of a sucker for lone trees. Have you heard of Michael Kenna?
  • makoto
  • Japan
  • 8 Oct 2007, 12:02
Love this atmosphere. So dramatic.
It provides a mood - very nice.
Different. It is certain. But behind it is your mark, Mal. Another great work! smile
  • Tracy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Oct 2007, 14:10
Simplicity at its best Mal very nice smile
  • paul
  • United Kingdom
  • 8 Oct 2007, 14:16
what a fantastic sky, and i really like the toning
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 8 Oct 2007, 14:26
Which language are you writing here. Op de Berg - is that somewhere in Holland? South Africa?

Excellent picture, defying some composition rules but staying with mal philosophy. Love it.
  • Freddy
  • Rome (Italy)
  • 8 Oct 2007, 14:51
Mal, also your period previous to the vasellina was optimal smile)

Amazing shot. Bravo!
  • trotsky
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Oct 2007, 14:57
marvellous - just such a simple shot done so well.
A lovely shot, Mal- I think clouds are essential to any great landscape and this is a cracker!
I see we are both using film shots today- is digital dead already?! wink
I love this and was interested to see that you took it with the Pentax ME Super, which I also have. I thought at first that it was an infra red film you had used. How exactly did you tone it? I would be interested to know as we are doing a lot of darkroom stuff at college this term and will be doing various kinds of toning. Love the composition - minimal and stark. A likey!
  • jelb
  • France
  • 8 Oct 2007, 15:07
Nice effect..Beautiful composition..Bravo!
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 8 Oct 2007, 15:48
Very elegant! I like this, especially how the clouds echo the shape of the tree. Very clever of you to arrange it this way smile
  • chris
  • Somewhere south of the border!
  • 8 Oct 2007, 16:15
T Max, do they still make that film? Nice juxtaposition Mal
  • 10cré
  • France (Paris)
  • 8 Oct 2007, 16:22
Majestic smile
une photo qui dégage énormément de puissance ! Mes compliments :-D
I have to say, I seriously like this one. The whole composition is just.. well... it makes you look. Love it.
Lovely shot Mal - simple and effective.
Oh I loved my old Pentax! Great picture
  • earth
  • Canada
  • 8 Oct 2007, 17:35

This needs to be on my WALL!!

When we drove across america, we saw so many of these fields with these epic historic trees, long trails of agriculture surrounding them, and these beautiful skies... This is a sonnet inspiring composition my friend. The clouds! I tell you! ~S.
now i wont go as far as to say that im getting bored of your normal stuff...but this change is fabulous...likeyed...
shweeeeeet shot...this is breathtaking mal and interesting that you chose to position the tree central. The fact that the sky blends into the black bg just works so well!
Striking simple composition, love the black top toosmile
Oh Malcolm ! This is such a wonder ! Looks like a kind of infra-red effect ? I love it, I love this white field against the threatening clouds... and this powerful tree, alone, in the horizon. A poem in itself Malcolm, a poem ! smilesmilesmile
  • Stan
  • 8 Oct 2007, 20:03
This is pretty good work. I think i'd have liked to see more of the field if possible to enhance that open and solitary feeling
  • Pilgrim
  • United Kingdom
  • 8 Oct 2007, 20:23
Absolute stunner Mal. Great processing too. Like the way it merges into your background page. Going into my likeys. David.
  • Kay
  • at work (shh. don't tell!)
  • 8 Oct 2007, 21:12
Lovely image. When I sign in after work, I'm putting this one into my likeys. Hmm, Mal, quite a few of those pictures are from you, come to think of it.

This is gorgeous...great pp, contrast, texture, you name it.
Very nice indeed Mal - the clouds are a superb background for this.
  • elaine
  • France
  • 8 Oct 2007, 22:48
this is simply stunningly gorgeous!
So many qualities in this image Mal. The processing is sublime, the tonality is delicious and the composition is simply effective. Film and a scanner are powerful allies. The modern darkroom.

If anyone is interested a friend of mine is on the verge of dumping a Pentax ME outfit in the bin as he failed to find a buyer, he needs the space! Offers?
  • Yẹni
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Oct 2007, 23:36
oh my God!!!! speechless...this is meant to be my Photograph
Poetry in motion, Mal: this is superb!!
This is just cool Mal.
Striking. I especially appreciate the way the top of the clouds echoes the shape of the tree.
  • Sidney
  • Philippines
  • 9 Oct 2007, 01:26
Wow! Impressive!
  • urban8
  • United Kingdom
  • 9 Oct 2007, 05:15
Hi Mal.
I was going to drop you a comment, noticed you had 52 already, jealousy kicked in & so decided to leave it as I don't even get that many views...... :-(
(Cool shot, by the way!)
  • nev
  • Australia
  • 9 Oct 2007, 05:37
I love the feel of IR shots but sometimes the balance doesn't feel right. I think you have perfect weighting here. Any more field and it would have overpowered the sky. the way the clouds contour above the tree is lovely. beautiful work.
Oh yes, I love what you've done with the clouds.
Great shot. What a beautifull composition
  • Max Black
  • going for the extra 2 points.
  • 9 Oct 2007, 11:04
Oi Mal is your PA having the day off, get these comments answered!!! Thought I'd wait til the stampede died ever top shot old son.
  • ar
  • France
  • 9 Oct 2007, 11:11
This is a great shot, very dramatic. Nice one Mal. Paul
  • Roland
  • France
  • 9 Oct 2007, 18:46
Wow : Let me just say WOW Mal !!!
  • Urv
  • United States
  • 10 Oct 2007, 09:07
I'm loving this shot! And it also reminded me of Jerry Uelsmann's work- even though it's a straight shot it's got a surrealist feel. (If you've not seen his work, you should check this out: he works with black and white film and does all the montages in the dark room, they're rather brilliant)
Wow - that is THE SHOT !
Thumbs up.....this is HOTT stuff smile
lovely, it looks something I would buy from the stores.
mal on form as usual

your fan
  • Sheeplover
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Oct 2007, 12:31
Jeez, you've done it again Mal.
Absolutley fabulous work. I simply love the way the sky is so dark it melts into the background of the page (on my screen anyway) so that you can't see the top photo edge.
There's nothing about this shot I didn't like at all.
Even the anti-spam code I have to type in is a swear word - 100% satisfaction wink
  • shooter
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Oct 2007, 20:04
Bloody hell mal, are you turning to the dark side, film, whatever next, love the shot by the way...
Nice shot... I like the creative top edge.
Different and great! I really adore your art and this goes to my likeys.
je suis stupéfait par la qualité de cette photo!
  • Peter
  • Canada
  • 21 Oct 2007, 04:41
Awesome, awesome, awesome. I really like that picture.
If I would have to critic something, I would say that the cloud is slightly burned out in the top left corner. Other than that simply stunning work!
  • Thomas
  • Sweden
  • 22 Oct 2007, 12:20
Clean, classic composition - beautifully simple. Simply beautiful.

Works nicely with the clouds that shelter the tree.
WOW! that's all I can say... and I'm usually quite articulate wink
Oh, to be in Salland, when November is here.... ;-)
  • Jon
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 15 Nov 2007, 21:46
This is ace.
  • Sysagent
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 16 Nov 2007, 18:51

This is brilliant, its perfect, consider yourself bookmarked Mal!

The whole scene is composed brilliantly and I bet the shot looks just as impressive in a nice full blown colour version.
  • calisto
  • Switzerland
  • 31 Jan 2008, 12:13
simply love this!!! smile

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