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photoblog image Rushing to Scratch

Rushing to Scratch

I had planned to sort through the vacation snaps this weekend but instead went up to Scotland to see my parents. On the way home I drove through the Tyne tunnel and thought It would be funny to try the above style shot! (tripod in the back and cable release). I have been meaning to try this technique for ages but not got round to it! I may try some more.

I was rushing to the ocean to scratch an itch to take some shots of the ocean, in my more normal style. The dot in the forehead is a mirror light sensor.

All the best. Mal

Rushing to Scratch

I had planned to sort through the vacation snaps this weekend but instead went up to Scotland to see my parents. On the way home I drove through the Tyne tunnel and thought It would be funny to try the above style shot! (tripod in the back and cable release). I have been meaning to try this technique for ages but not got round to it! I may try some more.

I was rushing to the ocean to scratch an itch to take some shots of the ocean, in my more normal style. The dot in the forehead is a mirror light sensor.

All the best. Mal

comments (44)

Thought you had become a Hindu for a minute there Mal!
I continue to believe you lead a charmed life my friend and your choice of ride also serves to confirm this.
Nice wheels - as they say.
Considering the exposure time the interior is pin sharp so congrats on that.
I was reading an article t'other day in Amateur Photographer about a fella who makes crazy amounts of money shooting cars and this is the sort of shot you see in brochures or in car ads isnt it and you've seemed to manage it perfectly with what sounds like a Heath Robinson like set up. I'm sure there is probably some new law just been introduced where you can get 3 points and £60 fine for photographing yourself whilst driving! Probably.
Mal: my middle names are heath robinson, Eddy! the cops are always a pain. mal
Very, very nice car Mal. smile
Mal: but you do not like the picture Jose? sad mal
  • Ellie
  • 12 Mar 2007, 00:30
.. and a very nice car it is too, no crumbs in sight, no fingerprints on the windows *sigh*

Actually, it's a very clever picture too, it makes the tunnel look nice and clean.
Mal: funny you mention clean cars El, the first thing that I had to do was get rid of the crisp packets and coke tins!! grin MAL
  • sara
  • 12 Mar 2007, 00:38
Well, al admit my car cost $360 Canadian.. so i am no judge of cars.. but it almost looks too nice..

as for the effects.. damn fine Malcolm.. feels speedy, safe, comfortable and fun.
Mal: Thank you Sara, I'm half way through something, it should reach you soon. mal
i am just impressed at how clean this car inside is or did you toss everything in the back seat for the shot?
Mal: Yep, crisp packets, coke tins, maps, paper notes, plastic shopping bags etc etc! all behind the camera! It took me longer to clear the car than take the photo! All the girls have commented on the state of the car!!!! grin MAL
  • Mia
  • 12 Mar 2007, 02:58
I was like, whoa, which side is he DRIVING on?! ...then it hit me you're from the UK. Ah. But anyway, very cool shot, I love tunnels. I have a feeling you photoshopped your car clean! wink
Mal: Hi Mia, I've just replied to Genevieve that all the girls have commented on the state of the car!!!!! I wish that I could PS the car clean, it would save me getting up out of my seat! Thank you Mia. Mal
  • Urv
  • California
  • 12 Mar 2007, 03:55
Like Mia I also had to do a double take to realize you don't drive on the right. And then I was confused as to how in the world you got the camera so steady for 8 seconds- then of course your comments had that information too. So now I feel a bit daft for not checking before wondering to myself. Lovely shot though. Now in addition to being jealous of an excellent shot I'm also jealous that you're driving a mercedes. =P
Mal: Thank you Urv. The shot was remarkably steady for the time, I was surprised by the sharpness at 8 secs (just luck really)!! I stole the Merc and am still on the run! wink mal
  • om
  • 12 Mar 2007, 05:00
Great shot. wonderful perspective, excellent lighting and a great sense of motion.
Mal: Thank you, great to find your site today. mal
Fantastic shot, Mal! I love the crisp and sharp interior of your car against the blur of the tunnel. looks like a great car advertisement, Very well done! I see you are wearing your inner focussing eye..a great way to see from behind your head. grin
Mal: All the girls have commented on the clean car!?!?! Perhaps, I should clean it more and maybe I'll get a girlfriend! thank you Suzanne, lol. mal
Very photojournalistic, I'm surprised how well the interior has come out.

I'd get some cream on that spot though, the one on your foreheard...could turn nasty! wink
Mal: I was surprised how sharp the image was! What cream do you recomend Simon? grin MAL
this shot is not real ! look where you put the stirring wheel... not the right place !!! cool shot Il senior Mal !
Mal: it is in the right place my friend, it is you lot that drive on the wrong side that confuse things. grin MAL
  • Petra
  • 12 Mar 2007, 08:10
This is a typical "Mal" photo ....
nobody else would get such an idea!!!
Very creative
Mal: Thank you Petra, Mr Gearloose was on form last night! Hee hee, I love that name. mal
  • SheepLover
  • Pembrokeshire, S.W. Wales
  • 12 Mar 2007, 08:45
Really nice Mal, it's come out a treat.
I may be showing my ignorance here (and googling did no good either), but WHY do you have a mirror light sensor on your forehead?
Mal: In order to see bright witty comments like this SL, lovely to hear from you. all the best. mal
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 12 Mar 2007, 11:22
You are driving on the right side of the car and the left side of the road. That is the reason why right is called right - it is not wrong. Right hand steering means your (for most people) weaker hand is doing the switching - like radio, aircon, gears, ejection seat for a noisy partner, etc. In the mean time the strong hand holds the steering wheel. Properly apportioned i would say.

Excellent blur you have created.
Mal: Thank you Louis, you always have a story and I always love to hear it. All the best. mal
  • Neil Tandy
  • Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • 12 Mar 2007, 11:22
This has given me a great idea! A mate of mine runs a bike school and has a Ducati he takes pupils around on, I must have a chat and see if he will give me a couple of laps around Kyalami. Now won't that be a fun one!! Super photo Mal, I assume the tripod had a seatbelt on to keep it steady!! Very well done mate. Kindest regards, Neil.
Mal: How about a bracket attached to the bike!! what a great idea!!!!

funny you mention the seatbelt, just after the tunnel, I had to brake sharply, the camera + tripod ended up hitting the windscreen!!!! That was a shock!. mal
Interesting the comments about driving on the right, I suppose it must feel weird to those who drive on the wrong side of the road looking at this image.

Great technique and result Mal, well done.
Mal: Cheers Digi, we are the correct side they are wrong! simple. mal
  • Saratu
  • Aberdeen, Scotland
  • 12 Mar 2007, 13:19
Welcome back mal. I hope you had a great time. Great shot.
Mal: Thank you Saratu, I had a great time! really glad to be back........Not! mal did you keep your car interior sharp in 8 secs?
very very cool image!!
Mal: 11 attempts, eventually one went ok! thank you for the visit and lovely comment. all the best. mal
  • nev
  • Aus
  • 12 Mar 2007, 13:32
The only thing that is missing from this fantastic shot is the odometer and how well you managed to keep speed with the car in front. i must try taking one of these, if only i could wedge myself into the child seat in between the books and toys.
Mal: that was the hardest bit Neal, keeping the equilibrium! Get Kerry to drive through some tunnels and you sit in the back! Hee Hee, let the Sheila drive mate (please do not let kerry see this). mal
  • nev
  • aus
  • 12 Mar 2007, 13:35
hope you found the time to scratch
I too hope you had the time to scratch. Ok we all love the shot and are jealous of the car !!!

Well done mate.

Mal: I stole the car J!!! Mal
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 12 Mar 2007, 15:21
I think most of us just shake our heads in wonderment at you, Mr. Mal! smile
Mal: Thank you Ginnie, you are funny but I love you calling here. mal
I feel like I'm looking at a video game and I'm the driver. I'm glad you took this shot! Awesome work.
Mal: Thank you Jen, be my driver! All the best. mal
I am on my feet clapping !!! Cool
Mal: you can sit down now!! hee hee, thank you. mal
this does look like a benz advert...well done
Mal: I'm waiting for their call!!!! Hee hee. all the best. mal
  • Zoe
  • 12 Mar 2007, 16:46
Zoe here, Paul's daughter.

I really love this shot.

It looks like an action shot taken from a car advert.

Really great.
Mal: Thank you Zoe. So when will you be starting your own photography site? A pleasure to have you comment. All the best. mal
  • Frank
  • Germany
  • 12 Mar 2007, 16:46
Interesting shot, I like the lights and the colours.
Mal: Thank you Frank, very very glad to have you stop by. mal
Typically inventive & superb as ever!
Mal: cheers Dave. all the best. mal
  • Otto K.
  • United States
  • 12 Mar 2007, 18:27
Very cool, Mal.
Mal: Only one thing that's cool around here Otto! And that's you! All the best. mal
a rare random snapshot type of pic from you...still has your trademark though - its great....
Mal: thank you master, i think that I will try a few more of these! Me
  • Dotun
  • 12 Mar 2007, 20:05
why you driving on the wrong side smile pretty cool shot.
Mal: thanks Dee, i'm on the correct side! it's you lot that are wrong! wink mal
  • Raymond
  • Australia by way of New Zealand
  • 12 Mar 2007, 20:18
Mal, this is very cool! It's like one of those intro sequences to a video-game - Gran Turismo, or Need for Speed. Great Mal, this is a hit with people of all ages! Nice one mate. Raymond. smile
  • Raymond
  • Australia by way of New Zealand
  • 12 Mar 2007, 20:22
Forgive me I can'r resist a bad joke here. All the chicks (sorry, its a Kiwi thing) commented on how clean Mal's car is, well the answer is obvious eh? Mal has a woman friend! That's right! Sorry, I have never been correct about politics, neither have politicians eh? :p

- Raymond
Mal: bad jokes are always welcome here Raymond, especially funny ones about chicks! lol mal
  • Petra
  • 12 Mar 2007, 23:17
Still think my mercedes advertisement is better...

Mal: much more elegant style with yours Petra, that is a lovely image. All the best. Mal
  • Steve
  • 12 Mar 2007, 23:23
This is a great idea and it's come out really well. I'm surprised that the interior is so sharp for an 8s exposure - you must have braced the tripod well.
Mal: I was surprised to Steve! the tunnel road is pretty smooth and proved vibration free, I took 11 shots, this was the best. Mal
  • Ellen
  • 13 Mar 2007, 05:41
Cool idea that has resulted in a great photo. Nice car too. I'd want to take lots of photos of it!
Nice car, and really WOW shot!
  • Gary
  • 13 Mar 2007, 19:58
great idea, nice car!
Mal, you have a car with a magnificent suspension. The detail and clarity that you have obtained are perfect. It is a photo of study for publicity. Bravo. And the brilliant idea!
  • Shyguy
  • Lyon, France
  • 18 Mar 2007, 19:44
arf !! some neighbour cars must have worry about police radar !! (o;
nice shoot, i would have bet that the tripod wont remain that fix in a moving car.

really good idea.
  • data
  • 22 Mar 2007, 23:59
love the colour and cleaness of the image.
I think it's not just because the car is clean, right? Everything is so clear from high light to shadow.
I wonder how do you keep the image sharp in that environment.
Nice shot!!
  • Heart to you
  • some place I don't know
  • 27 Mar 2007, 01:53
Just Awesome dude!
Bloody speed cameras get everywhere! Didn't your sat nav pick it up. Excellent shot.
Great, amazing, fantastic car,... I'm joking, it's not the car, its the photo!

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