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photoblog image Gorgo's promise

Gorgo's promise

I'm taking a break for a few days. This probably represents/reflects my taste/style at the moment and I need to get out and shoot more of it.
The title has nothing to do with monsters! lol
i guess that you know by now that the effect is non digital. 
All the best. mal

Gorgo's promise

I'm taking a break for a few days. This probably represents/reflects my taste/style at the moment and I need to get out and shoot more of it.
The title has nothing to do with monsters! lol
i guess that you know by now that the effect is non digital. 
All the best. mal

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"This probably represents/reflects my taste/style at the moment and I need to get out and shoot more of it."

Yes. You're right Mal. Yes you're magic Mal. Without artificial effects.
It's a good effect: have you used some sort of fabric (gauze, nylon, etc.) as a filter? C'mon, lad, spill the beans! smile
  • Martin
  • USA
  • 2 May 2007, 00:38
I continue to be amazed by these wonderful non-digital effects you keep on finding where the rest of us just see crisp clear beach(?) shots smile
It's like a Modernist Pre-Raphaelite photograph. An object of desire bathed in heavenly light instead of a backdrop of flowers and foliage. Love it Mal.
  • nev
  • Australia
  • 2 May 2007, 01:19
I don't know much about ancient civilisations but i know i love this shot. You know you must like standing a certain distance away from your your subjects as this appears to be your most popular focal length lately. (that should get a few punters going back through the archives). i feel like it is a message to get some more stuff on the card too and maybe even stuff on the skylight filter. lovely shot
  • Yeni
  • 2 May 2007, 01:30
Eerie and fantastic!
  • Raymond
  • e-New Zealand
  • 2 May 2007, 02:45
See I told you that there wouldn't be a shutterchance without you, Mal! I'm tired of saying great photograph, so I'll say blooming brilliant picture instead. :p

Blooming brilliant picture, Mal! I see what you mean about 1930s processing, see where you going here! You have developed a neat style here, I'm going to call it Mal-esque stye from now on. :p

Have a good break away from us, mate. wink

Best wishes,
Raymond grin
  • Raymond
  • e-New Zealand
  • 2 May 2007, 02:47
*style :p
mel-esque style I like that, YOU THA MAN like that too, there is nothing that can describe my respect and admiration for your late work Mal, truly truly great stuff
should have been Mal-esque style of course smile
Well done on another great image. The impressionistic style really gives it a great mood and transends the natural realm.
  • sk
  • 2 May 2007, 06:20
my Gosh, u sure know how to dish 'em out, this is awesome
  • urban8
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • 2 May 2007, 06:35
Stunningly bizarre image, Mal - the photo details say it was only a shutter speed of 1/200s, but my immediate thought was of a much longer one with a still subject. Like it.
Like a dream... Yes, a dreamy atmotsphere in this mid-light mid-shadow picture. Have a good time Mal !
Mal - this is wonderful - can't wait to see more!
I keep on saying this.. you are deep. Great image
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 2 May 2007, 09:21
Mal-esque indeed. The diagonals and windblown hair creates the atmosphere of a supernatural (maybe heavenly) approach.

PS. have you ever checked 'trinity' (shutter blogger) pictures. He uses a similar (not the same) approach to many of his pictures.

Don't be away too long.
  • Frank
  • Germany
  • 2 May 2007, 10:32
Wow, this is very very beautiful.
  • Claude
  • France
  • 2 May 2007, 10:59
Very impressive shot, Mal! It looks like a dream. Wonderful photograph, I like it a lot, bravo!
Really like it Mal - looking forward to lots more like it.
  • Neil Tandy
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 2 May 2007, 13:16
Good afternoon Mister Smart. You are one cruel SOB, subjecting this model to such horrible weather conditions and with so few clothes on as well!! Very well captured ethereal image Mal. I am sure there are plenty of commercial opportunities for this (even though you hate money)!! All the very best wishes, Neil.
  • Otto K.
  • Atlanta, US
  • 2 May 2007, 13:32
Love this, sir. Magical.
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 2 May 2007, 13:36
You almost get the feeling there is a voice from heaven about to call her name....or a "beam me up" ready to happen.

Come back refreshed, Mal!
  • tetsu
  • Tokyo
  • 2 May 2007, 13:39
Dreamy... Nice work! smile
  • Tracy
  • 2 May 2007, 14:55
Beans? Spill? Me? Lol..absoloutly brilliant this one, and yes you should do more!!!!!!!! x
Wow,a phenomenal effect! I really like this image!
Mal-esque it is then. That's a pretty rare honour to have something or an idea named for the person it represents. Me I love it, but then I do tend to like etheral things. Take care buddie and fill up that card.

All the best
mal have you watched 300 lately? this image reminds me very much of the atmosphere of that film. this shot gives off a very powerful feeling to it. what did you do to achieve this effect?
intriguante silhouette
Yes very Mal-esque as they now say wink
does this have something to do with 300?...loving the shot...the onyl thing that spoils the drama for me is that i think shes holding a hair0dryer in her right hand, pls tell me im wrong...
wooow, I'm impressed!
  • Ellie
  • 2 May 2007, 22:28
Don't know what to say after reading all the other comments, because I have no chance of saying anything 'original'.

Mystical, heavenly, other-wordly are the three things that spring to mind ... good too!

Don't you dare vanish, not even for a day or two, sift through those archives you're bound to have some wonders there that you'd dismissed in the past ... wink
Very nice, Mal. Very nice.
  • Sidney
  • Philippines
  • 3 May 2007, 01:16
A stunning and amazing picture!
Fantastic shot.
  • Urv
  • 3 May 2007, 09:11
  • Sheeplover
  • Pembrokeshire, S.W. Wales
  • 3 May 2007, 11:37
Supurb, Mal!
  • Stevo
  • 3 May 2007, 11:45
I quite like this one.
  • Regis
  • Paris
  • 3 May 2007, 16:03
Wow, I love this one. Feels like a dream !
  • Gary
  • 3 May 2007, 17:23
brillinant image
Another cracker. I really like the atmosphere created by this technique.
these shots are great Mal. they're so narrative and movie-esque
Simply very very very beautiful Mal ! Standing applauses !
  • Diya
  • 3 May 2007, 21:30
thank you for these and this shot!! it is art Mal
le golem était de sortie ce jour-là wink
Great drama in the shot. Nice one.
Creative and beautiful !
  • Sheeplover
  • Pembrokeshire, S.W. Wales
  • 8 May 2007, 09:37
Simply amazing, Mal...
what dreams and heart are made of, Mal.
  • peter
  • 12 May 2007, 19:07
I'm really enjoying your experiments with this blurred style of photogaphy. This one is wonderfully suggestive and slightly abstract - unique. Keep it up.
  • Jens
  • Bonn
  • 16 May 2007, 15:38
It is very special and in the end creativ but I have some problems with it. Espacially how the person is included here would make it difficult for me to put this one on my walls and look at it for a long time without finally getting crazy. I am not sure why you took the cut right through the knees...and finally chose that format of the image...

Best! smile

  • Jon
  • UK
  • 4 Jun 2007, 18:39
62 comments!!! I'd better make it 63 wink
Love this. What a great shot. Inspiring.

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